Angry Birds Stuffed Animals

Angry birds stuffed animals is good toys. It's recommended for five age and up. Adults are even starting to collect these Angry Birds stuffed animals too!  This 5″ plush blue Angry Bird is a great quality licensed product that’s fun to have and collect.  Play your own real-life game of Angry Birds by throwing these plush toys at obstacles and structures you build in your house.  This is a cute little Angry Bird to ad to your Angry Birds stuffed animals collection.

I think the concept of this toy is really fun, and my kids certainly enjoy it although you need to be prepared to search around for scattered pieces if you don't have a restricted area for shooting the birds. I find shooting toward a rug or on a table with a tablecloth keeps them from ricocheting all over the room.
First, the good stuff:
PROS: The rules are simple, easy to explain to younger children, and you don't have to know how to read to figure things out, so that's also great for little ones.
The birds, pigs, catapult, and the structure pieces all seem pretty sturdy. Plus my five year old likes to just play with the game pieces as action figures. We only got this game because he wanted some plastic Angry Birds to play with and this was the only thing we found that fit the bill.
The game builds coordination and (hopefully) a little patience in the best case scenario. But that leads me to the cons.
CONS: This is more a downfall for folks like me who can't stand tedious projects :) but I get a little frustrated trying to build the structures shown on the level cards sometimes. They are supposed to be grouped according to difficulty, but some of the Level 1( ie: allegedly easier) structures are just as difficult as the Level 2 and 3 ones. There are some I think might be impossible to build at all based on the law of gravity, although my husband disagrees and says with enough balance they're all possible.
I'm kind of a fumble-prone mom and I spent more time knocking down half-built structures with my clumsy hands than with birds at first. If you have a child who doesn't have much tolerance for slow, meticulous projects then he/she might be annoyed trying to build the structures.
As far as the actual shooting the birds part of the game, that takes some getting used to and is actually a lot harder than on the Iphone app. in my opinion. That said, it is doable. My five year old and eight year old are fans of the game and have already played with it a lot. One tip: make sure you keep up with all the pieces because losing even one or two of the logs or blocks will seriously hamper your ability to complete the structures on the cards.

so, what waiting again buy Angry birds stuffed animals now, here!